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Cornman Farms On the Road

We are going on the road! 

Managing Partners Tabitha Mason & Chef Kieron Hales love taking their families to the Neighborhood Hotel Grand Buffalo, and you can join them for two special events there this month.  

The Neighborhood Hotel Grand Beach is your escape — a place where nature’s bounty is celebrated and pure comfort is prioritized. Imagine your day beginning with sounds of nature, coffee by the fire followed by a dip in the glistening pool or Lake Michigan. The adventurer explores the woods and waters of Harbor Country followed by a round of golf or tennis. Meanwhile, the relaxed vacationer continues to bask (possibly reclined) amongst the native trees and greenery. The day comes to a close with a barbeque garnished with fresh herbs from the garden + s’mores under the stars (or in the plush living room for indoor folks)...and, for two special dates in May, your stay can include food prepared by Chef Kieron!

Friday, May 12

Pie & Mash Pop Up
6:30-8:30 p.m.
Featuring Beef & Onion Pie or Torta Pasqualina
$30 per meal

Sunday, May 14
Pancake Pop Up
10:00 a.m.-noon
Featuring Cornman Farms' delicious pancakes
This event is free but we are accepting donations with all proceeds going to Friends of Berrien County Trails -- a local non-profit dedicated to supporting the construction and maintenance of trails (pedestrian, bicycle and waterway) within Berrien County and connecting them to adjacent counties.

Reservations required.
Learn more: HERE